Free Installation For Commercial Solar PV Panels

Unlock the power of renewable energy for your commercial business with MD Electrical Ltd. Take advantage of our exclusive offer: free installation of Solar PV panels for your business when you opt for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us. With a PPA, you can enjoy clean, sustainable energy without the upfront costs. We handle the installation, and you benefit from reduced energy bills and a greener footprint. Join us in driving sustainable change while saving on electricity expenses. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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  • No Capital Cost to Client/Business
  • Between 15% and 40% below existing rates
  • 15, 20 or 25 Year PPA Term
  • 20% Tracker Guarantee to protect against prices falling below agreed PPA Rate in the future.
  • Minimum Array size 100kW, no maximum size
  • Preferred Minimum Usage of 70%
  • Inclusive of all ongoing operating, service and maintenance costs during the term of the PPA
  • Fixed 3% indexation annually, rather than inflation at RPI or API
  • SNRG become the clients Energy Partner/Manager for the term of the PPA
  • Integration of new technologies and innovations to the array during the term of the PPA, at no extra costs to the business
  • Futureproofing and Protection from Fuel Inflation


  • Option to buy the array during the term of the PPA
  • Option to have up to 5-year voids by extending the term of the PPA (25 Year term now becomes 30 Year term to allow for voids)
  • Option to invest and be a joint venture partner in the PPA
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End-to-end partner

Archieving net-zero together

No upfront cost

Smart PPA funds renewable assets

Reduced CO2

Every m2 of rooftop solar saves 50kg in 2024

Reduced bills

Between 15-40% annually

EPC uplift

Reduces building improvement works


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contractual agreement between a renewable energy generator and a consumer (such as a business or utility) to purchase electricity at an agreed-upon price over a specified period.

Under a PPA, the renewable energy generator sells electricity directly to the consumer at an agreed upon rate, typically lower than retail electricity prices. The consumer benefits from stable energy costs and may support renewable energy development without the need for upfront capital investment in generation assets.

Some benefits of entering into a PPA include:

  • Stable or reduced energy costs over the long term.
  • Potential for fixed or predictable energy pricing, protecting against market volatility.
  • Environmental benefits and sustainability credentials associated with supporting renewable energy generation.

PPAs are typically entered into by commercial and industrial businesses, public sector organizations, utilities, and other large energy consumers.

PPAs often have durations ranging from 10 to 25 years, although shorter or longer terms may be negotiated depending on factors such as project economics, financing arrangements, and regulatory considerations.

Exiting a PPA before the end of the contract term may be possible but could be subject to penalties or termination fees, depending on the terms negotiated in the contract. Parties should carefully review the termination provisions and seek legal advice if considering early termination.

Depending on the regulatory framework and contractual arrangements, consumers may have the option to sell excess electricity generated under a PPA back to the grid, either directly or through mechanisms such as net metering or feed-in tariffs. However, this capability may vary depending on jurisdiction and utility policies.

Renegotiating the terms of a PPA during the contract term may be possible under certain circumstances, such as changes in market conditions, regulatory requirements, or project performance. However, any modifications to the contract would typically require mutual agreement between the parties and formal amendments to the PPA.

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